What We Do

The Medical Marijuana Industry Group (MMIG) was founded as a medical marijuana trade association in 2010 to help protect and promote the Colorado medical marijuana regulatory framework, serve as a responsible resource for policy makers, and protect the rights of medical marijuana patients. Since the passing and implementation of Ammendment 64, the MMIG has become the Marijuana Industry Group, currently helping to protect and promote all regulatory framework within the marijuana industry in Colorado.

We have assembled a group of business leaders, lobbyists, and consultants to serve at the local, state, and federal level.

Our members provide tours to politicians and government leaders in order to show them how centers are helping patients, and to provide transparency to our industry. We now help promote the safety involved with the regulation and taxation of recreational use marijuana for citizens of proper age.

All of our members sign a code of ethics indicating that they are in clear and unambiguous compliance with local and state laws governing businesses and the cultivation and sale of medical and recreational marijuana and infused products.